Friends of Fort Flagler Website"To Restore, Preserve, and Protect the history of Fort Flagler as well as provide assistance and support for the park staff."

Be a friend!  While you can always "friend" us on Facebook, there is another way you can help support Fort Flagler.  Join the Friends of Fort Flagler!

Formed in 1999, the Friends of Fort Flagler is an organization who helps keep Fort Flagler the amazing park it is.  They help organize fundraisers, work with park staff and volunteers in maintainance and preservation projects, and provide a voice to the community about the park and all it has to offer.  In partnership with the State Department of Parks and Recreation, the Friends of Fort Flagler play a vital role.

One example of this partnership with the park is the historic hospital renovation. Over 25,000 man-hours and $50,000+ of donated funds, materials and labor were contributed to restore the main floor of the hospital, making it a beautiful venue for weddings, receptions and other special events. The State of Washington also has contributed over $1,750,000 to the hospital renovation, including the new roof and siding to help protect it against the elements.

Anyone can join and support the Friends of Fort Flagler, just click HERE for more information! 

You can also visit their official website at

The rennovated Main Ward of the
Fort Flagler Hospital.
Friend of Fort Flagler member John Maki
continuing renovation of the Hospital Kitchen.
Fort Flagler's Historic Hospital